So in the last 3 articles, I have shared with you 3 exciting ways to enjoy the holidays.

Today, the fourth exciting thing I would be sharing with you is one you may probably already know but I am changing the approach to it.

4) Travel on a long distance trip to an entirely new environment you have never been to before

You see a lot of us…

Just like we said yesterday, this one is all about pampering yourself.

Going to a spa is what some people think it's only for women but that is not true - men also go to a spa.

What is really a spa?

A spa can mean everything from a small…

So picking it from where we stopped in the last article, which is spending time and money on yourself alone. This next one like I said yesterday will enter your body like sweet gbedu😋

2) Try out a local food from another tribe in Nigeria or try out an international food that you have never eaten before

So instead of eating the usual Jollof rice and friend rice with chicken (aren't you tired…

5 Exciting Ways to Enjoy This Holiday

Are you excited about the holidays - christmas is in few days and 2022 is in 10days 🎊

I have chosen to share with you 5 exciting things you probably have not done before that you should do this festive season to make…

Imagine your favorite artist sings or releases a song without spacing or breaks in between the music, It would sound noisy - the beats would clash with notes or tones and then it would be a turnoff to all listeners. Spacing is really important in all spheres, it even connotes…


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