Having Confidence In Your Design Work

This article is written for people who find it difficult to be confident in their creativity or design work. People under this category constantly talk to themselves with words like;

“I don’t think I’m bold enough to call myself a good designer because there are so many designers better than me out there”

"Other people are doing better than I do so why should share my work"

“I’m scared to show my work, what if I get bashed for not using the right text and colours or senior designers would look down on my work?”

One thing I want to make clear here is this: every designer - in short, every human, at some point has dealt with or is dealing with the panic of if their work is good enough?

Why, you may ask?

Every human needs validation at one point or the other in their lifetime - we all need validation at one point or another to help us feel important. So the desire for approval is normal. However, the major challenge for most people is how they handle it, and this is what I would share with you today.

Boosting your confidence starts with YOU, no one is going to help you have confidence in your work if you don’t believe in yourself first. Here's why I say so: even if 100 designers compliment your work, you’d think they are only trying to make you feel good because you don’t believe yourself first.

Here Is Why Confidence Is Important For You As A Designer

A lot of times, creatives judge their confidence by the work they post out on social media which people like, however, confidence is way much more than that. Below are much more important benefits of confidence to you;

Confidence is really an important tool in your design journey. A lot of people struggle with confidence and it has jeopardized a lot for them but see how you can help boost your self-confidence in your design work;

I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to encourage you to be a little more confident of yourself and your design work, it will not only increase how better you become in design, it will impact your entire life.

Written By: Adekanye Sharon

(Perxels’ Alumna)

Perxels is a design school that provides training and mentorship to UIUX designers to grow and thrive in the industry