Bringing UIUX Design To
The Most Beautiful campus In Africa

Day 1

Beginners' Category

With google meet, the online audience was able to connect without hassle as the beginners' class kicked off.

Intermediate Category

Day 2

Beginners Category

Earlier, during the previous day’s session, Fiwa had promised a recap at 10am and 12pm for the beginner students who couldn’t get along properly with the day-1 masterclass.

  • What is the proper sizing of each element?
  • Adequate spacing and alignment of elements

Intermediate Category

The intermediate students were back on day 2 with their assignments - a detailed research summary of the advertising company.

Day 3

Beginner and Intermediate Classes

The final day of the 3-days free masterclass was the icing on the cake.

Meet & Greet

What to expect?

We plan to host similar events in institutions of learning all over Nigeria in coming months. As a matter of fact, we have a couple of requests that we are currently attending to.



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