Event Recap- Perxels Meetup for Cohort 2 Graduates.


A few days have gone by, but the beautiful memories created are still imprinted on our hearts.

Perxels Meetup was graced by the amazing cohort 2 mentees (Our first official graduates!) as well as some team members. A lot of good stuff went on during the event and although you probably weren’t able to attend, we totally understand.

In this recap, I will be sharing the highlights of the event. So “Don’t touch that dial” and keep reading 😊!

The event was joined by seven of the mentees, four team members and was hosted by the Team lead, Abiodun Fiwa at Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. It began with an enlightening opening remark from Fiwa where she shared her inspiring Journey so far, the vision of Perxels and spoke about how proud she was of the graduating set.

Fiwa giving opening remark

This remark gave an insight to all of us present and assured us that it takes just a step to begin the journey into one’s vision and consistency along with hard work to help one achieve their dream. She also spoke about how Perxels began and shared a few challenges she encountered while working on the foundation of Perxels. In summary, her speech was a fountain of inspiration and we could literally hear passion, resilience and hardwork in her words.

The Perxels’ logo iteration

Soon after, everyone introduced themselves and the mentees were given the opportunity to share their experience at Perxels — the amazing, good, bad and ugly😏

There were lots of laughs as a lot of mentees had hilarious experiences. Watch out for our YouTube page to catch their full experiences. They also spoke about their best and worst assignments during the training.

Some Cohort 2 Graduates

The graduates were issued their certificates and of course, this was accompanied by PICTURE! PICTURES! PICTURES!

I have included a few in this article but keep an eye on our Instagram page — @perxels to get a lot more of the beautiful memories.

Just when we thought the event was coming to an end, we realized it had just begun!

We had pairs of attendees play a game where they had to jointly answer questions within a stipulated period of time (30 seconds per question). The little twist to this was that if they failed the question, the two players would pull/ twist each other’s ears. You can imagine how rib-tickling this was! I laughed out my intestines at this point🤣😂😂😁

You can also anticipate this in our upcoming YouTube channel.

Game Host

More pictures were taken and it was time for the famous *drumrolls*🥁🥁🥁🥁…. ITEM 7. Who doesn’t anticipate the refreshment part of any event. At this point, all I can say is that YOU MISSED A LOT OF FUN! I won’t spill out what we had so you won’t drool thinking about it.

Refreshment 1
Refreshment 2

I know you think we were done, but NO! Another game was played. The game was played using Kahoot! and the team lead promised to give the best scores free FIGMA SHIRTS! So you can bet that all the attendees wanted to do their best. The winners were gotten although some gave excuses like “My network was fumbling”, “my phone started hanging”, “Haa, I got the answer oo, but I was too late”… We know their tricks😉😋😆. (I am just kidding!)

Game time

Beautiful souvenirs were shared after this and the event was pretty much coming to an end. More and more pictures were taken and we all headed home after the amazing program.


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Catch ya Later!




Perxels is a design school that provides training and mentorship to UIUX designers to grow and thrive in the industry

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Perxels is a design school that provides training and mentorship to UIUX designers to grow and thrive in the industry

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