Importance of Creating User Flow

Hello there, thank you for following through on my articles over the last few weeks, it's been an interesting process sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

This is the final part of this series on user flow. If you haven’t read the previous articles, read it here

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In the previous articles, I explained user flow and shared how to create one easily.

Today, I will be highlighting the importance of creating user flow - am sure you must have asked yourself what's the essence of user flow in design - why should it be done even before designing any interface?

If you want to design digital products that truly solve user needs with great user experience, creating user flow is non-negotiable - you can't do without it.

This is the core reason for creating user flow - "To solve user needs and ensure great user experience"

Below are five other importance of creating user flow;

  1. User flows show the relationship between pages and the important pages users view when completing each task. They ensure designers are well informed about the important feature before delving into wireframing and prototyping. They are also a good means of documenting the design process.
  2. User flows serve as reference points through the design process. With user flows, more attention is paid to the experience and needs of the users and not just aesthetics.
  3. With user flow, design decisions are well communicated to all stakeholders. In other words, it allows for better collaboration among product teams
  4. User flows also give room for reevaluation of existing products. They highlight ways these products can be better to improve user experience. This could be in the form of reducing the steps or pages to make the process of completing tasks faster.
  5. In conclusion, the importance of creating user flow in UX design cannot be over-emphasized. User flow ensures users experience is free from frustrations and complications towards their goals.

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Written By: Adisa Rebecca

(Perxels’ Mentee)

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