Perxels — The Testimonials

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It has been an amazing month at Perxels and we’d like to share a few testimonials from our latest graduates! The Cohort 2 students are wrapping up their journey as Perxels mentees and we are delighted to share some of their experiences as well as designs with you.

Okechi Emezue

Okechi Emezue

Before Perxels, I started learning design through YouTube. I felt alone and confused about a lot of things, then I saw the Perxels’ mentorship ad on Twitter and I followed up.I was added to the beginners class after the assessment and onboarding into Perxels.

My experience in Perxels has been awesome. First of all, I enjoyed the webinar sessions with more experienced designers (I found them very insightful). Secondly I began to understand how to behave and react in a team. Finally, having somebody to judge your work was nice. I got the opportunity to interact and network with other developing designers too. So I can boldly say that Perxels gave me a feeling of community.

Two months into the training I got a job placement, so I’d say that my reason for joining Perxels was met.

Okechi’s design during mentorship at Perxels

Twitter: @DIICC

Portfolio link : Okechi Emezue

LinkedIn: Okechi Emezue

Koiki Oladapo Khalid


I was introduced to Perxels by my fiancée actually. She got a session link from one of the team members (Banji) who happened to be her friend and she sent it to me since I had interest in UIUX. I couldn’t afford to miss this session. After the session, I signed up for the mentorship program because I was convinced it would definitely make me grow in the field. I joined Perxels because I wanted to improve my User Interface design skill of which journey I started some time last year.

I was in the intermediate class and honestly, I’ll run out of words if I start to describe my experience at Perxels. However I’d just say it was a great journey all through. From meeting and making friends with great minds in the field, to learning new things from the sessions that were hosted by Pros. It was indeed a great journey for me.

Definitely, the purpose of joining Perxels was met and even more. I definitely got more than what I paid for.

Social media link: @mediakobi

Dribbble: bjkoiki19

Khalid’s design before Perxels
Khalid’s Design During Perxels’ training

Olaoluwa Sofowora


I found out about Perxels on Twitter. I think I saw a link to join the community so I did. I joined Perxels to improve my UI/UX knowledge. This was because I witnessed a review session where top designers reviewed the work of younger designers in the Perxels community and I realized I needed to learn to see the things the senior designers were seeing. I was placed in the intermediate class and I can boldly say that my experience has been great.

I have learnt a lot and I’m a better, more confident designer. 10/10 recommend.

Twitter: olaolusofowora

Instagram: olaolusofowora

Behance: olaolusofowora

LinkedIn: Olaoluwa Sofowora

Olaoluwa’s design during Perxels’ Training

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